Personal Deprogramming

The smallest echoes of thought

The most quiet of intuitive pushes

The whispers of questions so small and soft that the wind could easily blow them away

If not captured 

If not immediately seen

Asked again



Soul-screaming invitations to go deeper and to see the truth

Sounds of yourself that have been muffled for so long


Capture them


Hmmm…Why do I…

Hmmm…What if I…



Capture them


Subtle, quiet, soft notions

Transformed into the concrete, the actionable, the tangible

A new, chosen reality

Or perhaps providing the breadcrumbs that lead to looking left, when the footsteps had always led right

And suddenly, the eyes drink in the horizon that before did not exist, a more complete and stunningly beautiful aspect of the landscape of the mind

Reality: unmasked, unfiltered, unshrouded