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I invite you to join me in a discussion about creating a more beautiful future of our choosing. This time is both precious and precarious, and asks of us to direct our energies in a meaningful way. Every voice is necessary. Every story, every perspective, every worldview and orientation is needed so that collective wisdom can serve as our guide. We may not be able to clearly see our path forward, but we do have the capacity and indeed the moral responsibility to walk it with intention, as we discover it, together.

Topics center around what I call Personal Deprogramming, which is partly autobiographical and partly instructional. Three years ago, I was gifted an incredible awakening to a truer, purer reality that cut through the thick and hazy fog of the cluttered mind, held in its own world of suffering and self-affirming untruths. From that time (and the personal work up to the present) I have accumulated an incredible amount of writing that I never intended to share; this writing had just poured out of me in sheer awe of the patterns and programs that I discovered were laying hidden in the subconscious. Programs, or patterns of behavior, are wounds or parts of ourselves that never had a chance to be seen, heard, and healed. They are ideas or versions of "self" that formed through these wounds or were otherwise given to us at a young age, and thus informed the very lens through which we view reality. I call them programs because they operate in the background below the level of awareness. We don't even know they're there. We don't even know who we really are, until we do the work. I have been deeply moved to share my writing and my work with the hope that it can start or help others on a similar path of healing, self-discovery, freedom, and joy. I offer the methods and tools that I have been gifted along the way so that it may support the awakening of others.

The awakening of individuals and the end of self-inflicted suffering is directly related to our capacity to be still enough, to be quiet enough, to stop the incessant chatter of our minds and listen to the Earth. When we get out of our own way, and can stop listening to the demands of the ego and all of the things that it has ordered as priority to consume our thinking worlds, we can then hear and answer the call to do what is the highest good of ourselves, each other, and the planet. In Post-activism and Entanglement, I will offer how this has shown up in my life, and how others might be opened to a pathway that is bursting with meaning, truth, beauty, and fierce love.


We are entering a new era together. It has become clear that the lived experience — and indeed, the very pathway to survival — of each human and more-than-human on Earth is shared. May we move beyond division and sharpen our intention to an absolute and total focus on the world that we wish to see for the future. 

About me

Christy Caudill

The concept of "home" has never really struck a chord with me. I always felt out-of-place where I grew up in Carter County, Kentucky. My Mom fostered the young writer in me, but my earliest writings were dark, and reflected more pain than was the true empathic light of my soul. My soul had been confined by circumstance and social convention. But, the journey is the purpose, and the destination is only in the remembering of who I am — beyond the circumstances of the past, beyond the ill-fitting and ugly costume of social domestication, and beyond the limitations of fear. I am a cisgender woman, descended from Irish settlers who came from County Cork, Ireland. I also wish to acknowledge the Shawnee and Kentahten peoples whose footsteps marked the territory that my family has "owned" for generations on the land now called Kentucky; these peoples lived on and communed with these lands long before me, for thousands of years before white settlers, and I am grateful to have joined them.

"In a past that is now lost forever, there was a time when the land was sacred
and the ancient ones were as one with it. A time when only the children of the great spirit were here,
to light their fires in these places with no boundaries. When the forests were as thick as the fur of the winter bear,
when a warrior could walk from horizon to horizon on the backs of the buffalo,
when the deserts were in bloom, and the streams pure as freshly fallen snow.
In that time when there were only the simple ways, I saw with my heart the conflicts to come.
And whether is was to be for good or bad, what was certain was, there would be change..."


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